Do you ship international?

Yes! All over the world! But please be aware - in order to keep shipping fees down we often use a shipping method that can sometimes be delayed as much as a month or more. However, this only happens in one out of about every 100 cases, and the parcels always end up being delivered. But if your order is taking a long time to arrive please contact us directly at mondomacabrousa@gmail.com and we will check up on it. DO NOT initiate a claim on Paypal without contacting us first. Doing so will get you BANNED from buying from us. There is not reason for that to happen. We WILL take care of you, no matter what happens. 

How much do you charge for shipping?

$4 US, $12 Canada, $15 ROTW, plus a charge of $1, $1.50, and $1.75-$2.00, respectively, per additional item. 

I don't see [insert title here] can I buy it through you anyway?

Sometimes our stock runs out. This is especially true right now during the COVID-19 pandemic crisis. However, anything that is still in print will be carried at our store evntually. Just keep checking back. 

Can I combine my pre-order with another, seperate order? 

Sadly, no. Our system is not advanced enough to effectivley combine two orders, so we have to rely on memory to do so. In the case of the limited editions there are simply too many at a time for us to effectively do this. So when checking out during a pre-order period please make sure you have everything in your cart that you want. During non-preorder periods we will allow you to combine two orders, as long as neither of them has been processed yet. Please contact us at mondomacabrousa@gmail.com and make that request as soon as possible after you order. 

Can I buy more than one copy of a limited edtion Blu-ray?

Short answer: no. Longer answer: yes, but ONLY if you are an international customer participating in a group-buy to save on shipping. And in that case you must CLEAR IT WITH US FIRST by emailing us at mondomacabrousa@gmail.com. Customers in the US are NOT eligible to do this. You are strickly limited to one copy per.  

Hey, I pre-ordered a LE blu but I haven't gotten a shipping notice yet even though someone I know in the same city as me has already recieved their copy. Did my shipment get lost??

NO. It just hasn't shipped yet. A limited edition pre-order/sale will generate literally THOUSANDS of orders. And the fulfilment of these orders is done by ONE person. Therefore, this process takes time. And orders are (more or less) printed up in the order that they were made. Also, please keep in mind that the vast majority of orders come in in the first few mintues of the pre-order going live. So if you think you "got in early" because you made your order a half an hour into the sale, please be aware that there will be several HUNDRED orders ahead of you. We tend to get around 200 orders within the first 5 minutes of the sale. So set your expectations accordingly. All told, the shipping process can take about two weeks to finish. We DO NOT answer "where is my order?" emails in that time frame. But we will be glad to look into any concerns you may have about your order as soon we are finished. 


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